SQUIRTOPHOBIC haben sich aufgelöst!

Schlechte Neuigkeiten erreichen uns aus dem Hause SQUIRTOPHOBIC.

Die heimische Grindcore Band hat sich aufgelöst. Allerdings wird die Band noch auf Mini Tour mit STOMA im September durch Deutschland und Holland gehen und auch das Kaltenbach Open Air beehren. Oberhalb seht ihr das Album Cover der neuen CD "She Wolf of the SQ", die noch heuer erscheinen wird.

Hier das Statement der Band:

In November 2007, so nearly 7 years ago, we decided to make history with SQUIRTOPHOBIC.

It happened that we became the biggest Goregrind Act in Austria with international Shows in England, Switzerland, Scotland, Czech Republic to name just a few, 2 Full-Length Albums »Undergrind« and »Cuntry Loads« and a Demo including the DVD »A night in Porn« - definitely we bring you »SheWolf of the SQ - A Tribute to Exploitation« this year too. Be sure.

But after a bunch of happenings we decided to stop the SQUIRTOPHOBIC Army after our last shows in 2014. There are personal reasons as our work, our university life and the most important one: We climbed the Goregrind throne as high as we could. We shared stage with our friends of Pungent Stench, Waco Jesus, Lividity and other great ones. Our personal ending point is now.

It was a hard decision because we met so many friends in our career, have seen so many countries and had always a fun time with our fans and friends in bands. It would take us too long to name everyone here, so sorry for that.

Two names should be said: Andreas and Stefan, our two former members who decided a few years ago to quit the band. Without you, boys, we wouldn´t had come that far.

The Mini tour with STOMA in September in Germany and Holland will take place, our appearance at Austria´s Kaltenbach Open Air too and our last show, at the moment, will be the famous RAPE THE ESCAPE Festival 2014, which was always our hometown festival. Thanks to Ronny for inviting us for the last time.

So, kids, these are the news, which you can share or forget. SQUIRTOPHOBIC is done.“

Grindcore | 29.06.2014 |


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